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Employed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] for almost 35-years, JAMES J. WEDICK has been qualified as an expert in U.S. District Court on a number of occasions. As a senior investigator, his credentials include handling some of the FBI’s most complicated and sensitive investigations, many involving the use of Criminal Informants [CIs], Cooperating Witnesses [CWs], and/or FBI Undercover Agents in order to initiate investigations, analyze intelligence, and/or wear electronic devices in order to record and/or monitor conversations and collect evidence.

And because he spent 24-plus years as a street agent [before being promoted to supervise a squad consisting of field agents, analysts, and support personnel], Mr. WEDICK’s background includes working all major criminal violations in which the FBI has primary jurisdiction, including White-Collar-Crime [WCC], Fraud, Public Corruption, Violent Crime [VC], Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations [RICO], Organized Crime [OC], various investigations overseas and Terrorism. And he can readily address inquiries concerning the Attorney General’s Guidelines concerning the FBI’s Use of Criminal Informants [CIs], Cooperating Witnesses [CWs], FBI Polygraph Examinations, and FBI Undercover Operations, as well as provide pertinent information and/or testimony concerning FBI Policies & Procedures and whether steps taken during an investigation were either appropriate and/or prudent.

Scale of JusticeSince he is adept at analyzing both recorded and non-recorded conversations between defendants, government agents, and/or Cooperating Witnesses, Mr. WEDICK can assist defense teams with articulating an “entrapment” defense, provide advice concerning the government’s ongoing case, and/or testify as an “expert” witness concerning whether the government had sufficient information to “predicate” an investigation, followed correct FBI Policies & Procedures opening and/or conducting an investigation, and/or took appropriate steps to “corroborate” allegations suggesting a suspect and/or defendant engaged in criminal conduct.

Because his background includes supervising the FBI’s Sacramento Incident Command Post following the terrorists’ attacks on September 11, 2001, Mr. WEDICK can also provide information and/or testimony concerning whether the FBI used sufficient information to “predicate” a terrorist related investigation and/or assess whether individuals providing information were sufficiently corroborated in order for the FBI to proceed with an investigation. Since his retirement with the FBI, he’s provided advice and has acted as a consultant to several law firms representing clients charged with terrorism not only in Sacramento, California, but Miami, Florida and Tacoma, Washington.

Also, because he has an extensive background in White-Collar-Crime and Organized Crime, he can readily assist with cases involving Mail and Wire Fraud violations, Insurance and Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud, and violations of the RICO statute.

Disclaimer: Because Mr. Wedick retired from the FBI in 2004, he does "not" have any current affiliation or connection with the U.S.
Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and/or the United States Government.

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