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Recipient of the FBI Director’s Award with his accomplishments cited in the U.S. Congressional Record, JAMES J. WEDICK is a 34-year Bureau veteran whose performance has been praised by U.S. Attorney General [AG] JOHN ASHCROFT as being in the “highest traditions” of both the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Because he spent 24-plus years as a street agent before being promoted to run an FBI squad, Mr. WEDICK has an extensive background/knowledge working violations of federal criminal statutes, in particular White-Collar-Crime [WCC], Fraud, Public Corruption, Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations[RICO], Organized Crime [OC], and pursuing investigations overseas, including Terrorism. And he can readily address inquiries concerning the Attorney General’s [AG] Guidelines governing the FBI’s Use of Confidential Informants [CIs], Cooperating Witnesses [CWs], Polygraph Examinations, Interrogations, and FBI Undercover Operations, and he can provide pertinent information and/or testimony concerning FBI Policies & Procedures and whether steps taken during an investigation were appropriate and/or prudent.

Scale of JusticeAdept at analyzing recorded and non-recorded conversations between defendants, government agents and/or cooperating witnesses, Mr. WEDICK can assist with an entrapment defense and provide advice and/or testimony as an expert witness. Because of his success investigating/prosecuting complicated high-profile FBI investigations, he can provide information concerning whether government agents had sufficient information to “predicate” an investigation, followed correct FBI Policies & Procedures, and/or took appropriate steps to “corroborate” allegations suggesting a defendant engaged in criminal conduct.

In a recent capital murder case involving two defendants charged as “accessories” Mr. WEDICK testified contrary to FBI’s Policies & Procedures, he found an FBI agent made repeated threats in an effort to persuade a witness to identify two suspects as co-conspirators. Making references to her children Mr. WEDICK testified, the FBI agent told the witness she had a choice to make—commenting she needed to identify the suspects. Because the agent made statements suggesting the witness’ children were in jeopardy—as well as she was protecting someone at her children’s expense—Mr. WEDICK “opined” the FBI agent used coercion and/or threats to persuade the witness to identify the suspects, in violation of Bureau policy, as detailed in FBI’s Legal Handbook for Special Agents, Section 7 titled, “Confessions and Interrogations.”

Accordingly, Mr. WEDICK can provide appropriate information concerning FBI Policies & Procedures, as well as issue/write a professional opinion, and/or give testimony. He can also identify the appropriate FBI manual sites in which a particular policy and/or procedure can be found—using the Bureau’s two manuals and/or legal handbook.

Disclaimer: Because Mr. Wedick retired from the FBI in 2004, he does "not" have any current affiliation or connection with the U.S.
Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and/or the United States Government.

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